Creative responses to philosophy

This term, Block 5 PRE students worked on topics in philosophy, from the nature of reality to what we can truly know, to whether machines could think, whether we remain the same person over time and whether we have non-material minds. Given the abstract nature of the material, this provided an excellent opportunity for creativity. Each student picked the philosophical issue that they enjoyed the most, or wanted to find out more about, and produced a short essay about it, and a creative response, to be presented in the last couple of weeks of term. The creative responses have included short stories, films, art works, poetry, scripts for plays, modernisations of ideas from thinkers like Plato and a rap! It has been great to see the extent to which students have engaged with the material – for many, this project altered their world view, or at least made them consider things again carefully.

By Clare Jarmy, Head of Religious Studies and Philosophy

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