Bedales student Biologists enjoy lectures at London University

By Archie Howes, Bedales student in 6.2

We braved bad traffic and even a crime scene to arrive for the much-anticipated lectures. We kicked off with a talk on the future of plants by the Associate Director of the Sainsbury Laboratory, Cambridge. This talk was followed by one of the leading academics in the ground breaking and controversial field of stem cells. He showed us how stem cells are really making a difference to people and justified the part the private sector has to play in research and development of cures: he being well placed as he runs one of the largest teams in the private sector on stem cell research. We then heard about the latest developments in Parkinson’s Disease from the Head of the Oxford Parkinson’s Disease Centre and finally we were guided through the evolution of Milk Drinking (and learnt about the co-evolution of lactase persistence) by Mark Thomas, a Professor of Evolutionary Genetics at UCL. Quite a day and quite a lot to take in!

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