Students go to the Bank (of England)

Last Thursday, 6.2 economists travelled to London accompanied by John Scullion to visit the Bank of England and the Brands Museum in Notting Hill. At the Bank of England we visited the museum and were lucky enough to receive a private talk and watch a video on how the Bank works, then how economics works within the Bank. In the museum we saw why and how gold bars work in the economy; we were fortunate to see one and lift it, and old coins and notes that used to be in circulation. After the Bank, our group went to the Brands Museum where we witnessed how companies have chosen to advertise and brand products to appeal to consumers in the economy over the years. We found both museums very interesting, informative and learnt how companies competed when they weren’t competing on price.

By Henry Thomas-Aldridge and Arun Jayaseela-Gorna, 6.2

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