Block 4 fire-up new pizza oven

ODW boys dismantle old oven

The boys dismantle the old oven

Just before the half term break, Jay Emery from Bushman Wood Fired Ovens came to Outdoor Work to build a pizza oven with Raffy Henry and Goose Milton from Block 4. The oven forms the basis of the boys’ BAC project for ODW, where they learn about building and using a traditional clay pizza oven, growing the chillies and tomatoes for the pizza sauce, and learning how to make the right dough. Baking in a sealed wood fired oven is a unique experience, imparting unique flavour and texture to the food cooked inside.


Materials arrive

Jay spent the whole day with us, assembling a base and then layering different insulators over the basic oven shape. We finished the oven in a clay/vermiculite, and will paint it with a lime paint. We fired it up with a gentle fire (reaching around 200 degrees) last week to allow the layers to set, and will have an inaugural firing-up this Saturday evening. The oven will then reach a top temperature of around 350-400 degrees – perfect for cooking crispy flavoursome pizzas in around 90 seconds!

To honour Jay’s great day with the boys, he has a special offer for Bedales parents and friends: a family sized Bushman Wood Fired Oven with a rustic wooden stand, basic toolkit and free delivery, £2799 incl. VAT, saving £450. In addition for every oven he sells to someone quoting ‘Bedales’, he will donate £100 to ODW to help pay for the boys’ project. Email for more information.

By Feline Charpentier, Teacher of Outdoor Work