Prize Work

Bedales Memorial Library Interior

How do you reward outstanding achievement if you don’t want to encourage competition between students? Bedales did away with comparative class lists very early on, because we believe that encouraging students to do their best is better than encouraging them simply to do better than others. This is a typical Bedalian dilemma, but one for which Badley had an elegant solution.

‘Prize Work’ was “…not for competition but as reward for anything that was shown up of special merit…for many years the annual show of ‘prize-work’ was one of the most characteristic features of the School” (J.H. Badley, Memories and Reflections, p.124). In order to recognise some of the outstanding independent academic work our students undertake, we are reviving the tradition of Prize Work this year. All students are invited to enter a piece of independent work they have done over the summer. It can be in any academic subject, and could be any kind of thing, for example…

  • a sketchbook of technical diagrams of birds or leaves
  • a program or an App
  • a project to research an area of interest, and write an essay
  • a translation of a short story or poem

It must be their own, and it must not be school work, as this has been assessed already. It can, however, build on school work with additional research and editing. It is a great thing to do if a university application is imminent, and a great way for students to stretch themselves whatever Block they are in. I would like to encourage you to take part!

Submission details here.

By Clare Jarmy, Head of Academic Enrichment and Religious Studies and Philosophy