Christmas Pudding Bake… and festive produce now on sale

By Nicoletta Draper, 6.2

Last Friday night, keen 6.2 students gathered in Outdoor Work (ODW) excited for the festive evening ahead, the Christmas Pudding Bake. We huddled in the black barn, watching a classic film and warming up with Christmas treats. There was mulled apple juice and freshly baked cookies which were quickly eaten along with the enjoyment of being able to roast marshmallows on the fire. Groups of us went in to do the jobs, baking cookies, making the pudding batter, placing it in bowls and wrapping them up. The making of the Christmas pudding took many people to complete which required team skills and enthusiasm. Thankfully, the atmosphere was amazing, carols were being sung, the candles gave the barn a beautiful Christmas look and the ODW teachers wholeheartedly showed us the skills and recipes of the baking. A total of 98 puddings were made, which will be available to buy at the ODW shop in school along with other Christmas produce.

By Feline Charpentier, ODW Teacher


The Outdoor Work elves have been busy this term, filling our farm shop shelves with lots of Christmas produce. Chutneys, jams, jellies, pickles, herbal teas, granola, flour, and our own apple cider vinegar, plus handmade natural cosmetics like lavender bath salts all make lovely Christmas gifts. We also have our beautiful Jacob wool blankets, scarves and fleeces for sale. Our annual 6.2 Christmas pudding bake made almost 100 delicious puddings, in small (for 2-4 people, £8), medium (for 6-8, £10) and some very large (for 10-12, £14). We will also be baking our unique apple cider mince pies almost every day now, sold in boxes of six. We make our own all-butter pastry and fill it with handmade mincemeat, made with our orchard apples cooked with brown sugar, apricots, spices, cider and lots of dried fruit. The shop is always open, when we are there. Monday to Friday, come on up and have a look at everything our lovely students/elves have been making! All money we make goes back to supporting the farm. Thank you for ongoing support.


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