Spanish study trip to Bilbao

By Lily McGregor, 6.1

Last weekend we went to Bilbao as in 6.2 we will study El Otro Árbol de Guernica, which is primarily based in Bilbao. We walked through lots of the streets and plazas that appear in the book. We all took lots of photos as Melanie Jimenez (Bedales Head of Spanish) summarised the relevant parts of the book. It was extremely helpful to have this deeper background information and I now can’t wait to read the book!

We went to the Museum of Peace which offered lots of facts and stories about the Spanish Civil War, which is when the book is set. There, we sat in a room whilst an audio played of a woman telling a heart-breaking story about the struggle of war. This was prominent as the two protagonists in the book – Santi and his sister Begoña – were evacuated and probably went through a similar experience. That same day we also went to visit the tree after which the book is named. We learnt that it was there that all the important decisions were made and that the officials made their vows to the villages and laws of Euskadi around that very tree. There, there was a beautiful building where the decisions took place and it also displayed a stunning stained-glass ceiling.

During the trip we went to many eateries that boasted traditional Spanish food. We tried croquettes, Spanish ham and churros just to name a few.

On the last day we visited the Guggenheim museum which was a brilliant way to end a great weekend. In pairs we strolled around whilst admiring the works of Cezanne, Picasso, Giacometti, Van Gogh and many more.

Overall it was a trip that none of its participants shall forget, I just hope they do it again next year so I can do it all again!


Students perfect French in Nice

During the final week of the Easter holidays 15 Block 3 and 4 students set off to Nice in the south of France. The idea behind the visit was to improve our French and so we stayed with French families and we went to a language school every morning where we spoke and wrote only in French! In the afternoons we went on tours along the Côte d’Azur, visiting Antibes (where we went to the Picasso Museum), La Vieille Ville de Nice (the Old Town) and we also did a lot of shopping on the main street in Nice! One of the highlights was an afternoon visit to Monaco where we went to the Oceanographic Museum. Overall everyone really enjoyed themselves and we all had a wonderful time. View photos.

By Ellie Kleinlercher, Block 4

Students perfect French in Nice


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